Read: Revelation 19:6-10

Weddings & Love

In almost every culture on Earth, marriage is the ultimate love commitment. A wedding is the outward ceremonial expression of marriage. In some places, wedding ceremonies last for weeks; in the US the wedding industry generates $55 billion every year. If you’re married, you probably went through some kind of planning process for your wedding. If you’re hoping to marry at some point, you may have ideas about what you’d like to be true of your wedding ceremony. The celebration and traditions around weddings are often a symbolic celebration of a greater reality.

Reflection Questions for the Passage:

  • What are some differences and similarities that you know of in wedding ceremonies, symbols, and traditions around the world? Why are the traditions of wedding ceremonies so important?
  • What does this passage tell us about our own final wedding ceremony? Who is the “Lamb” and the “Bride”?
  • Across cultures, one of the most important symbols in the wedding ceremony is the attire of the bride. What is the bride wearing in this passage? Where did this clothing come from?
  • Read Isaiah 64:6 and 61:10. How are these passages connected to the picture of the wedding ceremony in Revelation? What is your response to these truths?
  • How is the bride able to be clothed in fine linen? Why is Jesus called the “Lamb” in this passage?
  • How does this picture of our wedding display God’s love for us?

– Liz Kreitler

Part of the Advent: The Coming King, Devotional Guide in 2017