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One of the greatest joys and privileges I have in life is getting to shepherd this church and see Jesus come alive in us!! I love seeing disciples being made, peoples' hearts and affections being turned towards Christ, sacrifices being made for the Kingdom; to get to be a family together and new brothers and sisters brought into the faith. It is a joy and an honor! God has done and is doing so much here, and it is one of life’s greatest blessings to get to be here with you all.
As I think about the possibility of us getting into a more permanent home, here are my honest thoughts. I believe that the gospel will move forward, that darkness will be pushed back, that churches will be planted, that the nations will be gathered, that justice will ring forth, that Christ will be exalted whether or not The Well even exists in five years! Christ will receive His glory. I also believe that God wants to use us as a part of that process, however. He wants us to exist; to be a light, a torch here in this city. That right now, God has us, here, in Austin, to be a part of expanding His Kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven.
I also believe that we can be a part of this expansion, whether or not we are in a central gathering space – it doesn’t depend on us getting a building – I believe this fully! I also know that God often uses places by which to work great blessings for the sake of His name. And I believe having a more permanent gathering space will allow for the acceleration of our vision to see churches planted, disciples made, darkness pushed back, and the nations reached; to be a blessing, a resource for many. I believe having a more permanent space will only help to accelerate our vision and impact. It will give us a base of operations, that would then in turn allow us to exalt Jesus more, at even faster rates, here in this city. And so this, not the building, but the vision behind it, excites me.


The building is a piece to the greater puzzle. And so as we pray for it, as we partner and give to this space, I want us not to lose focus. Yes, let us allow our hearts to be sacrificial here, that we may see God in the space, but let us also look past it to what it will allow us to do. Let us see how it will accelerate our vision and impact, and allow us to make much of Jesus here in this city!

My prayer is that as you give, you get Jesus in return. That if God would have us in the building, as you’re standing there worshipping or sitting in a future seat, as you're watching someone get baptized...that you would remember that is what it is about! That you would be encouraged at us having a space, but not for the sake of expansion. That you would remember the sacrifice it took, and see the fruit of others coming and hearing the gospel, and others going and making disciples!

I love you all, like crazy. I’m praying this small part would be a great blessing for the city at large. That many would worship Jesus in that future space, as we await the greater future space in the Kingdom to which we’re going!!






In this document, we lay out an explanation of where we are as a church, why we are considering this building option, and what we are hoping to do through it in the near future. 



In September, one of our Elders, Daniel Lentz, first presented this opportunity to our Covenant Members during our annual business meeting.