Interested in learning what it means to be a part of The Well? Covenant Community classes are two weeks long and you’ll learn about The Well, what we believe, and how you can serve.

Email for more information or if you’re interested in becoming a Covenant Community member.

What is Covenant Community?

God did not create us to do life alone. He created us for relationships – a deep relationship with Him, and rich relationships with others. This is why it is important to not just come to church on Sundays, but rather be the church. We believe that joining a church is not simply about “membership” or being fed, but rather it is about entering into a community with people and loving and serving each other.

This is what becoming a Covenant Community member at The Well is all about. By becoming a member you are committing to join a community of people, to serve them and to be served by them. You become part of the family, and therefore we take this seriously.

By becoming a covenant member you commit to:

  • Serving The Well until the Lord calls and sends you elsewhere
  • Being a part of a Community Group
  • Serving in a ministry at The Well
  • Giving faithfully
  • Entering into a discipleship relationship with another believer

You also gain privilege to vote on and speak into “family business.” This includes large church decisions, elder voting, and other important church activities.

We desire for people not just to be fed, but to learn to feed others. We desire for people not just to come to church, bur rather become the church. We desire for people to be known, and have deep, family relationships. We believe this is God’s goal for every Christian.

What is the Covenant Community class like?

Before becoming a Covenant Community member, each person will attend a two-week Covenant Community class. You’ll learn about The Well and what we believe as well as serve in several different ministries of the church. Additionally, you will enter into a discipleship relationship with someone who is like-minded, but an older member than you who will personally meet up with you and help you connect, grow, and reach those around you. We believe this is the most important and beneficial part of becoming a Covenant Community member and joining the Covenant Community class.

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